lev·y / [lev-ee] 1. an imposing or collecting, as of a tax, by authority or force.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Stop the over-taxers by Steve Mitchell

People everywhere are losing their jobs, their 401Ks, their homes and hopes of a secure retirements. Families are being forced to cut back, trying to do more with less, and trying to put off spending on everything but the necessities. Yet, the West Muskingum and Mid-East school officials seem completely unaware of this.

These people pretend to think about the future, but not in the same worried way as we do. Why should they worry? They have a guaranteed supply of taxpayer money in good times and in bad. Property taxes have been very, very good for them, but have become a dreaded bi-annual "rent" bill for many of us.

They don't care if the seniors on fixed incomes or the working families who are already struggling to make ends meet must move because of high taxes. They get the taxes up to the day people leave and then with the new person who moves in.

It's difficult for me to understand the disconnect between the world economic conditions, the economic conditions in our country and all the way down to our community and the schools.

Just like the bureaucrats in Washington, these people don't have our best interests in mind and believe our money is their money and they know how to spend it better than we do.

I don't know about you, but I work hard for what I have and I will share it with others but when I choose, should I choose and with whom I choose. School officials need to do four things: Stop complaining, balance their budgets, get on with providing the students the best possible education they can with the funds they already receive from the taxpayers and the state, and finally leave the taxpayers' income alone.

Anti-tax voters usually don't organize, don't show up at public school meetings and don't spend lots of money to defeat school levies. However, come election day, they go to the polls and roar, "no." Without a doubt the election vote in May will be a battle between the taxpayers and the over-taxers.

Steve Mitchell

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