lev·y / [lev-ee] 1. an imposing or collecting, as of a tax, by authority or force.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Think of the children

Sharon Smith gave us great advice to "think of the children." I'm sure every person who served in the military, to protect Americas democracy, has thought of their children and families. Their democratic government where the majority vote wins has worked well.

Twice lately the West Muskingum levy has been voted down by the democratic majority, but as many times before, through a special election, the board is trying to get it passed. I admire their efforts but they are focused wrong. They should join me in pushing our state legislators to solve the unfair school funding issue. I know that will probably not solve our district's problems, but somehow over time we have let our state government create a revenue monster for our schools.

Gov. Strickland admitted it is confusing to explain our current system. He boasts about our state spending $13 billion last year on new school construction. He asks for input, so I want to suggest we involve a statewide panel of educators to design a generic school building that will fit all needs. It could be added to as needed for bigger school districts. One hour could be added to each end of the school day to make a four-day week. We should do away with school boards because we already pay a superintendent for those responsibilities.

The panel would want to go through the plans for Hopewell, which was built in 1933, and through all these levies has no air conditioning.

The TR is supportive of all levies, not desiring to call our legislators to task. The TR even said if a child is killed walking to school it would be the fault of every voter in this district. This out-of-this world remark must have come from Uranus or another planet.

At the start of America's democracy I'll bet those people who threw the unfairly taxed tea into the Boston harbor were "thinking of their children."

Let's all please get out on May 5 and fill our democratic obligation.

Jack L. Strong

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