lev·y / [lev-ee] 1. an imposing or collecting, as of a tax, by authority or force.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Say “NO” to West Muskingum School Levy this Election Day 2012

I can’t speak for anyone else but as far as I’m concerned between the school district, county, state and the federal governments, I’m taxed enough already. And now, since my family has lost over a third of its income there’s nothing anyone can say that’ll convince me these agencies know how to spend my money better or need it more than I do.

 Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the West Muskingum School officials and teachers are nice enough, but unfortunately for us they have become, “Pay me first” type people, who like to feed at the public feeding trough and saddle others with higher taxes so they can increase their salaries and benefits. These folks want prosper by exploiting our wealth and property and then in turn vote themselves our money. The way I see it, the hefty tax increase, associated with the school’s levy might not be much more than pocket change to most of the well paid teachers and school officials but to the majority of the folks who make a lot less, we call it a very large amount of money. Families must be able to pay for their homes, vehicles and other bills and can only cut back so far on utilities, medical care, and food consumption before life becomes miserable and dangerous! And, no one can't help but notice that food, gasoline, and energy prices are already sky-rocketing with no end in sight. I say we already give the school district enough tax dollars and I believe their ruthless attempts to hijack our money and put their financial well being above our families' is morally wrong.

We have a choice: We can allow them to raise our taxes or push back and insist they operate with the millions of dollars they already receive. A vote against the levy won’t be a vote against the school district; it will be a vote to keep your money. I say appeasing our greedy school officials with more money is like feeding a hungry bear in the futile hope it will eat you last.

Steve Mitchell
Printed in the Zanesville Times Recorder Aug. 28, 2012

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